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P2P Special

We offer a discounted service based on providing a special price for flat rate off-hours usage. If you rarely use your network during normal hours, you can realize savings by subscribing to this plan. Every month you will receive an email detailing what hours are considered off hours and during that time you can blast away without incurring any overages. P2P Clients like rtorrent have the ability to auto-schedule so you can make the most of this if you use that client.

Normal / OffPeak

QoS Shaping

If your application has a specific low latency requirement, we offer a special service that allows us to provide higher than normal service (priority) to that traffic. It only costs an extra $2/megabit per month and has a $250 install fee. If you're running VoIP or you have game server traffic, you may want this service to ensure the best speed possible. Its not that our service is slow or low quality, but we know the reality that most service providers don't want to talk about latency or packetloss within their own networks even when they provide an SLA (usually for tremendous added cost!)

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