Server Room


Applied Operations' network is built with Juniper routers for maximum speed and safety. Read about JunOS and the performance advantage!

We monitor popular destinations for latency to ensure proper high-speed access, and perform elective BGP tuning to ensure that paths are uncongested with minimal latency. We use quality upstream ISPs to ensure high availability, and through our upstreams we have multiple paths to large backbone carriers such as MFN, Global Crossing and BTN.

We use Towardex as our IPv6 carrier, their almost transit-free network is one of the best out there. Our facilities can connect with several other large carriers such as AT&T, Williams, Cogent, Time Warner, SBC, XO, Broadwing, Verio, ATDN, Deutsch Telecom, Telia, China Telecom, and British Telecom.

We also use Cisco and Foundry switches. Reliability needs to be proven, not bought, which is why you'll never see an unknown vendors gear on our network. Our network is built for N+1 Operation because nobody needs un-needed downtime especially with the way the internet is growing these days.


Applied Ops utilizes MPLS to reduce the number of hops in your internet traffic across our backbone and provide private networking to customers who require it.

Our network is non-oversubscribed and we maintain a 25% headroom during normal operations. In the event that we go under that headroom threshold, we immediately begin to provision new circuits and/or equipment.

We perform QoS shaping on traffic that needs a higher priority across our backbone to get maximum performance for your applications. This is especially important for VoIP and Video traffic, which is especially sensitive to latency or packet loss. If your application needs to have a high priority on its traffic, we can provide that service.


We filter on the edge and the core of our network to ensure that our network is protected from malfeasance. We provide a blackhole server network that overlays our existing network and allows us to catch and mitigate DDoS attacks when they happen.

Any ISP that claims they'll never be influenced by a DDoS attack has either spent a ridiculous amount of money to get there or is lying. If you don't believe us, ask Prolexic Technologies, the industry leader in DDoS protection. They provide world class DDOS detection and mitigation, and they're worth every penny.

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